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Piotr Cwalina
HR/C&B Consulting

Business orientation is at the core of my work, and I have a strong competence in designing, implementing, and innovating solutions in the HR/C&B (Human Resources/Compensation & Benefits) field.

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About me

HR, Compensation&Benefits (C&B) is my passion.

I have been doing this successfully for 30 years, always with an open mind and a strong focus on customer needs, and above all, I look for a way to make lasting change, whether it is a bonus system, a new approach to remuneration, organizational transformation or a difficult layoff process.

By working with me, you can be sure that you are working with me and using all of my experience, also international.

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Why should you work with me?






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What do others say about me?

Robert Pławiak


Chief Executive Officer

Grupa Pelion / ILS Sp.z o.o.(IT SHARED SERVICES)

The process of change requires consistency, patience, and empathy towards the team. Together with Piotr Cwalina, we had the opportunity to jointly implement and introduce new rules and a better order. The support provided to the IT ILS team, continuous motivation, asking open questions, and moderating discussions were essential for achieving success. All of this would not have been possible without Piotr’s active participation.

In the future, we will always remember Piotr’s competencies!

Wiktora Kuc


HR Director


I collaborated with Piotr on the development of sales incentive systems. In short, Piotr is a fantastic expert. He has broad, international experience and is very willing to share it. Furthermore, he is an incredibly cheerful person. I highly recommend working with Piotr!

Javier Pijoan


Regional Sales & Distribution Director (CEE)


Piotr is a super hard worker and an expert on Sales Incentives. I had the profesional pleasure to work with him in Heineken. Working with him is extremely easy thanks to his collaborative attitude, deep knowledge in HR subjects and leadership which ensure the success of every project.

Mario Perego


HR Director

Heineken Italy

Piotr is an HR Leader with a great business knowledge. I deeply used his knowledge to lead a huge transformation change in the field of compensation and sales incentives, achieving impressive results. Thanks Piotr

Karolina Huzar


HR Director


We invited Piotr to work with us in developing the bonus system. He demonstrated excellent subject matter expertise and the ability to successfully solve problems related to the development of our system.

His ability to analyze data, commitment and deep understanding of the needs of our organization allowed us to develop a personalized and fair bonus system that not only adapted to the diverse roles and achievements of employees, but also motivated them to achieve exceptional results.

Working with Piotr was not only professional, but also extremely pleasant. His ability to listen to the needs and opinions of the team, as well as his flexibility in adapting solutions were crucial to the success of the project.

I strongly recommend Piotr as an expert in developing bonus systems and as a person who will contribute to the success of any HR project he is involved in.

Anna Jaguszewska Bogacz


HR Director


In the period from June to September 2023, Piotr Cwalina advised us in the field of Compensation Management. During our collaboration, he prepared tools and guidelines for managing compensation, allowing the company to ensure consistency in pay and communicate it clearly to employees. Thanks to his work, we laid the foundation for future transparency in compensation.

Piotr possesses extensive knowledge in the area of compensation management, including insights from international roles. Additionally, which is rare in the C&B function, he has a broad perspective on the entire HR function. Piotr is a practitioner and a pragmatist, creating solutions that are designed to work. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend him as an expert in the field of compensation management

Ewa Zmysłowska


HR Director

Play / Iliad Group

I have had the opportunity to reach out several times for consulting services provided by Piotr Cwalina. His knowledge and experience in building remuneration policies are impressive. Thanks to Piotr, we received qualitative support in such areas as: 

– Building long-term plans (cash/equity) 

– Review of bonus systems of sales teams 

– Analysis of the remuneration model for selected functions in the organization 

– Ad hoc support in C&B topics.  

Peter takes a pragmatic approach, understands the client’s business context, knows how to translate his knowledge into practical solutions, and is up-to-date on trends and regulations affecting the remuneration area.  I strongly recommend such cooperation.

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