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  • Compensation Strategies 
  • Transformation towards Transparency 
  • Cross- country Incentive plans
  • Compensation Solutions Audit 
  • KPI Selection – HR Dashboard

This area represents over half of my professional career, culminating in the role of Global C&B Manager. I am able to work  in both the Polish market and other regions in Europe and around the world.

Additionally, by holding roles in full HR, I look at this field from a much broader perspective, always through the lens of the company’s and HR’s strategy, what we want to do with the organizational culture. I continuously monitor trends in the HR and Motivation field and can adapt them to the specific nature of individual markets. I also love to teach/share knowledge, which is why I have created the option to work with me in a mentoring format, providing a strong knowledge transfer, making your projects sustainable and successfully implemented.”


  • Changes in commercial and/or business strategy
  • Mergers, restructurings (also see transformations)
  • Ineffective incentive system
  • Challenges with retaining and/or acquiring employees
  • Lack of a C&B function, absence of compensation strategy
  • Large-scale projects in compensation, motivation, and benefits
  • Inexperienced individuals in the C&B field
  • Wishing to build HR analytics


There are three possible forms of collaboration.

  • C&B Director by the Hour – You hire me for a specified duration on fixed days and hours. I work towards agreed objectives, managing the C&B team/function.
  • Expert in Your Project – Where the client leads the project, prepares initial assumptions, and I join at any project phase: at the beginning, where I provide inspiration, direction, and creative solutions, or at an advanced stage, where I provide an external perspective, audit solutions, ask critical questions, and contribute to project success. This method results in a strong knowledge transfer to your organization.
  • Project – I lead the project, such as building an incentive system, reviewing compensation and practices, along with developing a compensation and non-monetary benefits strategy, etc. A traditional approach where the client’s resources are less involved, but there’s also not as strong a knowledge transfer as in the Expert solution.”


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