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 Most often, I assist with company mergers and significant organizational changes that heavily impact people. Here, I act as a change agent, with the task of guiding the organization through the change. This involves preparing effective communication and planning actions in a way that minimally affects employee engagement and motivation. I draw from my extensive experience in this area, both in consulting, where I was responsible for change management workshops at PwC, and many years of work for the Żywiec Group and Heineken, which went through major organizational transformations such as company mergers, outsoursing, closures and the implementation of new commercial strategies.

If organizational changes involve layoffs, we will plan it together so that your organization remains engaged after the changes. Often, changes lead to needs such as integrating compensation systems and HR processes, which fit into the services of an HR Director by the hour or C&B Consulting. You can work with me on these aspects concurrently, taking advantage of the fact that I already know your organization.”


  • Mergers, restructurings (also see C&B consulting) 
  • Implementation of IT solutions 
  • New way of operating
  • New business strategy


We determine the scope (number of hours per month) and the duration of collaboration, which are the basic components of the hourly rate. We choose specific days of collaboration – I am either present regularly in the office or work remotely. Typically, in the initial period and during challenging moments, we plan for greater involvement and additional days when I am with you.


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