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HR Director
by the hour

I often appear in a company when change is needed, when it’s time to move forward, re-invent the way HR is working, or when the team is weakened or lacks certain competencies.

My goal is not to accumulate hours but to effect change as quickly as possible, strengthen the client, and hand over the reins. Therefore, it’s rarely a full-time replacement, usually 2-3 days a week. Sometimes it lasts 1-3 months, and sometimes it’s a collaboration that extends to a year or longer.

In a clearly defined period with the client, I take responsibility for the entire HR area, stepping into the role of HR Director or HR Project Manager. I closely collaborate with the management team and achieve agreed goals.

In situations where I am responsible for the HR team, I develop it so that it can continue and maintain the results of our work after the project ends. This way, I leave a different quality of HR operations in the organization.”


  • Sudden exit of an HR manager
  • The need for local expertise in international organizations
  • Introducing a new HR operational standard
  • Transformation from a startup stage to a mature organization
  • Challenging times with significant changes, periodically requiring strong competencies – also see transformations


We establish the scope (number of hours per month) and the duration of collaboration. These are the basic components of the hourly rate. We choose specific days of collaboration – I either appear regularly in the office or work remotely (in a hybrid setup, I usually select a day that is an office day to work with the entire team).

Once the predetermined goals are achieved, I leave the client with my successor and/or a better-motivated team.


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