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Implementing Change
in the Organization

Struggling with a change, not sure why? Ask!

This sentence is not accidental because I increasingly work with clients who are trying to change something, either in their organization or in their management style. Sometimes they even identify the need or even know where they want to go, but the implementation is anyway missing.

If you feel that you and your management team have found yourselves in such a place, contact me.

Problems with implementation can be divided into systemic and process-related issues (where I am the expert), but sometimes, or simultaneously, they lie in the area of relationships, communication, or within the management team itself, hidden in the soft, unspoken sphere that blocks change (where sometimes I add additional facilitator who is business coach). Regardless of where the problems are, the task is to guide you to your goal. I am experienced facilitators; prepare each meeting individually tailored to you, and don’t work in a one-size-fits-all style. I adapt to the situation and respond flexibly.


  • You’re attempting organizational changes once again, and it’s not working. 
  • Communication is ineffective. 
  • You feel the need of change but can’t put a name to it. 
  • You want to start doing things completely differently.”


We schedule an initial meeting, which is free, and discuss your needs. We determine how we can work on them. Typically, you receive a general offer for workshop-based work as well as an hourly offer tailored to your needs


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