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About me

HR, Compensation&Benefits (C&B) is my passion.

I have been doing this successfully for 30 years, always with an open mind and a strong focus on customer needs, and above all, I look for a way to make lasting change, whether it is a bonus system, a new approach to remuneration, organizational transformation or a difficult layoff process.

By working with me, you can be sure that you are working with me and using all of my experience, also international.


I started my career in the 90s as a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering. My interest in the topic of human resource management turned into my final profession.

For the first 14 years, I worked in consulting in the area of Compensation and Benefits as well as Change Management in companies such as Neumann; PwC; IMB BCS; Hay Group (now KF). There, I gained experience in large-scale restructuring, changes to compensation systems (job valuation, pay scales, performance management, pay increase systems), building compensation strategies, including international projects.

One of my strengths is a good understanding of business and people’s needs. This has led me to achieve great success in designing bonus systems and leading organizations through change.


In 2006, I joined Grupa Żywiec, taking my first professional step on the business side. This was a period of significant changes and mergers, in which I actively participated. The culmination of this was my promotion to the headquarters in Amsterdam and the role of Global Field C&B Manager, where I was responsible for sales and production compensation areas, personnel cost management on a global scale. After several years, I moved to the role of HR Manager for the commercial function in Western Europe.

In 2015, I returned to Poland, where I was responsible for opening a BPO branch for an American investment bank, with a powerful employment dynamic (+1200 FTE in one year). Then I worked as an HRD in a transport company. In 2018, I returned to consulting and was a Partner in an advisory firm in the area of strategic HR, smoothly transitioning to work based on my personal brand.


Me privately

Privately, I am a father of three children. Family, being an engaged father is important to me. It is for the family that I have calmed my nature as a traveler, because being a Varsovian by birth, I have spent over 13 years outside of it.

I worked in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Hungary, Holland, Gdansk, and in 2018 I finally returned to Warsaw. This part of my life makes me very open to other cultures, diversity, I feel well the changes taking place in the world, but also know how to translate them into east culture and reality.

And who knows me knows that Piotr = bicycle (the Netherlands has made its mark); Piotr = mushrooms – I am expert and connoisseur of them. I love contact with nature, I care about the environment and try to minimize human impact on it.

I am a positive person, an extrovert, I love to spend time with people.

Don't know where to start with your HR / C&B challenges?

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